Why Montessori?

Montessori Education versus a Traditional EducationIMG 4753

  • Why Choose a Montessori School?  
  • The Montessori philosophy was developed with a specific concentration on children's individual learning styles understanding that not all children learn the same thing, the same way at the same time.
  • The Montessori philosophy guides children to understand life principals such as: respect, compassion, trust, autonomy, citizenship, responsibility, accountability and leadership to name a few.
  • The Montessori environment is beautifully designed with enticing materials that call to the child.
  • The Montessori community is a family that is nurturing and kind and teaches children the importance of peace.
  • Children learn through didactic materials.
  • Children learn from one another and take advantage of moments where they can help a friend learn as well.
  • Freedom of movement is an essential developmental necessity.
  • The Montessori materials move from the concrete to the abstract.
  • The Montessori philosophy facilitates a natural love for learning.
  • Freedom of choice is a unique aspect of each Montessori classroom
  • Montessori classrooms teach the significance of "order".
  • Learning opportunities encourage creativity.
  • Montessori instruction focuses on teaching the whole child.
  • Montessori teachers facilitate the learning experience.
  • Children naturally learn self-discipline.
  • Montessori students work in multi-age groupings for three hours or more through various areas of the classroom, such as: Daily Living Exercises, Sensorial Materials, Math, Language and Cultural Materials which includes: Zoology, Botany, Biology, Geography, Arts and Music.