Why Montessori?

Famous Montessorians

Dr Maria Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori was an Italian physician, educator, and innovator, acclaimed for her educational method that builds on the way children naturally learn.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin – Founders of Google Click here to watch an Interview with Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Jeff Bezos – Founder of Amazon.com

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis – Former First Lady (John F. Kennedy)

Sean ‘P.Diddy’ Combs – Singer

Prince William and Prince Harry

T. Berry Brazelton – Pediatrician and Author

Julia Child – Author, Chef, TV Cooking Shows

Elizabeth Berridge – Actress

Kami Cotler –Actress

Melissa and Sarah Gilbert – Actors

Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Nobel Prize winner for Literature

Katherine Graham – Ex-Owner of the Washington Post

Anne Frank – Author, Diarist from World War II

Steve Wozniak (Co-Founder of Apple) is talking education, mentioning that Montessori schools are doing a better job than most in teaching independent thinking.
Click here to watch an Interview with Co-Founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak.