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kid classroomEstablishing trust in our Infant program is vital to the development of the child. While parents adjust to letting go of their child, we work very hard at building a strong rapport with each family. We agree that safety, warmth, kindness, and expertise in child development are essential tools for this age group. Free exploration in an environment that is trustworthy, gentle, and nurturing is an essential piece of the developmental puzzle.


Toddlers are on the go! A cornerstone of Montessori philosophy is allowing children to move freely throughout their environment so that they can learn from many hands-on activities. Toddlers experience a sensitive period of development for language acquisition. As their vocabulary progresses they are able to ask for what they need and tell you how they feel. Language development allows children to problem solve more peacefully thus allowing them to feel autonomous. The goal, for all children, is to become independent learners resulting in being able to fulfill their own needs. With independence comes confidence and a thirst for further exploration.​

Early Childhood Class

The goal for the Early Childhood Class is to encourage our students ages 3-6 years old to develop a passion for the unknown. Children are inquisitive by nature and it is our priority to provide them with fascinating opportunities to learn. Children need to ask questions and our classrooms help them find the answers. This quest motivates them to become independent, problem solvers and creative thinkers. The brain does not understand what the hand has not physically touched in some way. Our beautiful materials provide children with varied opportunities to truly understand the world in which they live.

Extended Care

Magnolia Montessori School also offers extended care options. From Science to crafts, to music and time on either of our two playgrounds, children stay engaged throughout their day at school.

Summer Programs

Children love to explore the world of Dinosaurs or the Solar System, cook like chefs, tend and care for animals, and garden throughout the summer months. These themes are among the many that we celebrate during the dog days of summer. Montessori philosophy prevailing, our summer programs take on a life of their own as children explore the many other facets of the their world. Governed by our staff, children are taken on the journey of their lives! Please call now to find out more about what we are offering this upcoming summer.


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