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Alli Importico - Lead Directress

Working with children for the last 11 years has brought me more joy than I ever could have imagined. I have worked mostly with infants 6 weeks through 12 months during that time and am even more excited to be dedicating all that I have learned from My Montessori Training to an expanded age grouping of children 6 weeks through 18 months. Being with young children is something that I have always been extremely comfortable with and knew it was the field that I would dedicate my career to. Watching these children grow, reach important milestones, learn how to become self-sufficient and independent has been an amazing privilege. I am drawn to the Montessori approach because it helps prepare children for the outside world and working at Magnolia is where children are peaceful and happy.

Classroom Overview:

Welcome to the Nido (nest). The nest is a home away from home where children are loved and nurtured by adults who care for them. The Nido Room staff work very hard to implement the Montessori philosophy and thus honoring each child’s individual needs. The Nido is a very special place where children are cared for in an environment that is safe, secure and cozy.

In our 0-18 month environment, teachers use rich, but simple language to describe the environment and the things that interest the child. We use sign language to allow young children to communicate with us, however we always follow the sign with plenty of language.

We focus on two basic needs of the child, the relationship between child and adult, and aiding in the discovery of self while encouraging independence. We develop relationships based on trust by allowing children to eat when they are hungry and sleep where they are tired. We respect the child and allow children to grow at their own pace by not pushing them to meet milestones. Materials are designed carefully to meet the needs of children in the 0-18 month environment such as pull up bars, climbing steps and low shelves to strengthen core gross motor skills. Mirrors are placed at the child’s level for self-discovery along with soft pillows, books, and real-life images to encourage language. We also love to go on nature walks, which allow children to explore the world, animals and trees.

To encourage independence, we carefully prepare the environment to allow the child to be independent. Low shelves allow even the smallest child to reach the material which is designed to meet their developmental needs. We do not use containing devices such as swings, bumbos, boppy’s or high chairs as this inhibits their free movement and discovery of self. Young infants explore through tummy time in front of a mirror, and activities to allow the development of the hand such as mobiles, rattles and sensory activities. Objects that roll just far enough out of reach encourages the desire to roll, and crawl as the natural impulse is to reach after it. When children are steady on their feet they are changed standing up in front of a mirror where they are able to see themselves and the process. Children are encouraged to pull down their pants and assist in holding their shirts during the diaper changing process. By doing this, the children are one step closer to the toilet learning process for when they are ready.

During feeding times, we use child sized tables and chairs. This allows them the accessibility to sit/climb into the chair themselves allowing their feet to be firmly on the ground. Children are not strapped in chairs as we respect their acknowledgement of feeling full. Children eat off of real plates and drink out of open brim cups and they are encouraged to hold a utensil even if they are not able to use it. When children begin to walk we allow them to set the table for their meal. Plates and cups are provided on a low shelf where it is easily accessible to them. Children are allowed to choose when they want to want to eat, how much and how often. After they are finished, they are encouraged to clean up. All of this is in the effort of providing opportunities for children’s confidence to grow. They are so very capable, even at a young age and we provide the means for them to accomplish so much!

Thoughts from the Nido Directresses:

“I love working with children because they bring joy into my life and I can enrich their minds with endless knowledge to help them grow!” - Miss. Margaret

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Mrs. Alli is available via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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