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News from our Nido and Fledgling's Room...

“The soul of an infant has secret depths that are still unknown to the adults who care for him.” - Maria Montessori

Happy Friday Nido and Fledgling Families!

We would like to wish a big Happy Birthday to our Fledgling Bethany! Her friends enjoyed celebrating her birthday while they shared some cantaloupe!

This week, we have been focusing on the value of independence for our Nido and Fledgling children. Nurturing independence is important for children this age as they are in the beginning stages of developing the ability to participate, change, and collaborate in their environment. Independence in the Nido room can look different from the Fledgling room. Our infants are learning to self-sooth and our Fledglings are displaying independence by washing their hands before mealtime, cleaning up after themselves, and taking care of their classroom environment. It is always a delight watching our infants grow into independent humans!

As always, we are trying to keep the environments clean and sanitary. In that vein, we are in need of ​fragrance-free baby wipes​. We appreciate any and all donations in support of this effort.

Miss Allison, Miss Autumn, Miss Giovanna, Miss Lisa, Miss Angela, Miss Grace, Miss Stefanie and Miss Melissa

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About Infant Montessori Care

image001Allison Gerlach - Lead Directress in Training - Nido Room

Allison Gerlach joined Magnolia in 2019 as an Assistant Directress in the Nido Room. She has her Associate's Degree in Education as well as extensive experience working in Early Childhood settings. She is currently enrolled as a full-time student at Centenary University. She will be graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Special Education, Early Childhood Education, and Elementary Education. She is thrilled to be a part of this community and have the privilege to watch the children grow into the special individuals that they are destined to be.

autumnAutumn Yun - Lead Directress in Training - Fledgings Room

Autumn joined Magnolia in 2019 and is very excited to be apart of the Nido classroom. She learned about Maria Montessori from one of her professors and how much he truly believed in her philosophy. Naturally she became interested in it and learned that her method is focused on the students individual needs as opposed to a traditional school, which focuses on teacher-centered lessons. Autumn believes that the Magnolia Nido classroom wonderfully reflects the Montessori philosophy, and allows the children to confidently explore their surroundings. She is honored to be able to witness the children grow and develop into confident and independent beings. Autumn is looking forward to a memorable year!

Classroom Overview:

“Children are human beings to whom respect is due…superior to us by reason of their innocence…and of the greater possibilities of their future.” – Maria Montessori

The Nido, or Nest, classroom at Magnolia Montessori School is based upon the nurturing and respectful foundation of the Montessori Philosophy. We believe in the profound importance of the work we do building an environment for our youngest learners based on security, trust, and curiosity. The classroom is warm and inviting; the shelves and furniture are perfectly sized for the accessibility of our small friends and invite exploration and growth. Our materials are arranged simply to encourage active use and our neutral décor invokes peace and serenity throughout the school day.

Our Nido students are working to master so many developmental milestones in their first year. In our efforts to support their growth we focus on two main components: first creating a child-adult relationship built on care and trust, second encouraging independence and the discovery of the self through building a will, or intrinsic desire to succeed. Our babies need to learn that in order to walk we must be able to tolerate falling; this is an inevitability in life. Freedom of movement is encouraged throughout the day and our environment is designed with a built-in control of error by making the surroundings as supportive and safe as possible. Whether the aim is to reach that toy, sit up, or pull to stand, it is amazing to watch even our youngest learners develop confidence and resilience as they learn through repetition and concentration that they are capable of success!

The infants in our care are experiencing their sensitive period for language and social development and we make sure we honor that by providing an environment rich in purposeful language and social engagement. Our Nido team uses correct language focusing on clear and descriptive statements. We model grace and courtesy in our interactions with the children, and each other. Our youngest learners are absorbing language at an amazing rate and the importance of the tone and quality of the speech they hear is critical. We use songs and books to further enrich your child's experience. The infants in the Nido environment are treated with the respect and consideration they are due as amazing little people they are!

Contact the Nido and Fledglings Room:

To contact Miss. Allison or Miss. Autumn directly, Lead Directresses of the Nido and Fledglings Room, you may email them available via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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