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News from our Ivy Room...

Ivy Packets are available for pick up.  If you did not receive your packet the lessons detailed below...

We want to start off by thanking all of you for your feed back on our Lesson Plans and Circle time! Some of the suggestions that we received were sending out the Lesson Plans the night before to give you all more time to prepare the materials, sharing the songs that we will be doing in circle at the beginning of each week, and I am working on setting up a private YouTube channel that will have videos of lessons and Ms. Suzette and Miss Krissy reading stories and doing songs! Hopefully that will be completed this weekend and we will continue to add videos throughout the quarantine.

Please remember that it is very important for your children to stick to a schedule. We understand that it may be difficult at times, but it will make the transition back into school much easier for them!

Some of the Lessons that we did this week include creating a “spider web” with streamers in a hallway, pipe cleaner lacing with a colander, color tossing where the children tossed different color balls into the corresponding basket, labeling house hold objects and tracing the words, and sweeping objects and counting how many objects they swept up. We also sent home our first materials package which included cutting work, shape tracing work, and emotion recognition work. Our next materials package will be available for pick up at the school in two weeks on Friday, April 10th.

We hope that every stays safe and heathy and hope to see you all sooner rather than later!

Rain Drops-
The rain drops are going to be used for dismissal from circle time. At school, we would use different color snow flakes during winter and different color leaves during autumn. In the packages, there are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple rain drops. Each day at the end of circle, I will go through and ask each child what color rain drop that I am holding up, and have your child pick that color. We will do our "rain drops falling down song" and who ever has that color rain drop will drop it and that will be how we dismiss from circle. Each day, I will try to make sure your child gets a different color.

Shape Tracing-
The shape tracing paper is laminated so that way you can have your child use an Expo marker to trace the shape and then you can have them wipe it off with a baby wipe. If it does not all come off with the wipe, you can use Windex and it should come off. (Try to avoid using red if possible. It is the hardest color to get off)

There are many sheets with different shapes on them. Your child will most likely need help to cut along the lines. You can then use the shapes to create a collage.

Emotion Faces-
There are two faces with dotted lines in place of the eyes and mouth. Have your child color and cut out the faces. There is another sheet with strips to be cut out that have different eyes and mouth shapes on them. After the faces are colored and cut out, slide the strips of paper into the slits of the faces. This activity helps the children learn how to identify different emotions which is very important to help them work on their executive functioning skills as well as emotional identification.

We will be creating packages every two weeks with materials for your children!

Best Wishes,
Miss Krissy and Ms. Suzette

IMG 1336 copy  Krissy Levigion - Lead Directress

Krissy joined Magnolia in 2017. She started in the Willow Room and then transitioned into the Early Childhood Room in 2018. This year she will be the Lead Directress in the Ivy Room. Krissy believes that her past experiences will greatly benefit her as she has learned that children truly are capable of so much and are eager to work towards their goals. Krissy has been working in the preschool setting for five years with ages ranging from infants to six years of age. She is currently working on receiving her CDA (Child Development Associate) and RBT (Registered Behavioral Technician) certifications. Krissy will soon begin working towards her Montessori certification as well. 

Krissy has a special place in her heart for children with special needs.  She worked privately for a family whose children had special needs. In doing so, she has learned more about patience, understanding acceptance, love, and happiness. One of her favorite facts is that, "children smile on average around 400 times a day, whereas adults only smile between 20- 50 times a day." Something to think about...

Throughout life, we are taught to see things in black and white. Children are able to see the rainbow in everything. I love teaching children what I know, but it is being able to learn from them that really gives me joy.

Classroom Overview:

I chose the name “Ivy” for our room as it has a symbolic meaning behind it. That being, “Ivy” will never stop growing no matter what obstacles are in its way, just like children. Our goal is to promote a happy and safe learning environment for all children, no matter what challenges they are faced with.

In the Ivy Room, we focus on encouraging independence, positive communication, and respect for oneself and others. To reach these goals, we take a step back and observe what each child is capable of and create an individualized learning strategy for each child.

We encourage the children to explore and discover the environment freely. As adults, we have learned to see the world in black and white. At this point in a child’s life, they see the world in so many different colors. They are at their purest form and we do all we can to preserve it.

Maria Montessori once said, “The education of even a small child, therefore, does not aim at preparing him for school, but for life.” Our goal is not only to prepare children to success in their academic careers but in life far beyond school.

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