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Dear Parents,
My apologies for my absence today. I am grateful for Miss Allie and Miss Laure’s willingness and ability to jump in and do an amazing job connecting with the children and maintaining our “classroom” time when I am pulled away. To share briefly, my mother was discharged from rehab, following a fall and surgery, on Tuesday and needed to be hospitalized once again yesterday. With all the COVID-19 restrictions, no family are permitted in the hospital so I have had to navigate her care from home and am not able to provide the emotional support she typically needs, so it’s been a most challenging time…I’m aware for all of us. Thank you for your understanding and I hope to see the children tomorrow.
Tomorrow is our last day of Show & Tell for “l,” and we will be introducing our new sound “f,” as in fish, for next week. Thank you for all your support with S & T. As you see, your children love sharing and I do my best to hear their answers as it’s not always best to “mute all.”
The work that is being shared today is called Story Writing. I’ve included one piece of story writing paper (two-sided) in your packet which I recommend you copy for unlimited number of future stories. The white, unlined, part of the paper is for your child to draw or attach a picture to which she will then write a story about. Most parents will have to write your child’s story for him but for our children who are word building, he may be able to write his own, keeping in mind he will be recording the sounds he hears in the words, called “inventive spelling,” and not spelling correctly. As I have written about in the past, this is a very empowering work that enables your child to express her thoughts in writing so others can read them. Have fun!
It was a beautiful day today to get outside. I’m looking forward to hearing those stories tomorrow!

Kind regards,

Mrs. Koch, Miss Allie, and Miss Laure

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Groundbreaking Study Examines Effects of Screen Time On Kids

Technology and Interactive Media as Tools in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth through Age 8

Please let me know if there are other ways I can support you in your efforts to create a progressive and stimulating learning environment at home.  

Kind regards,
Mrs. Koch, Miss Allie, and Miss Laure

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The above image is of Story Writing. The basket contains pictures from magazines and circulars for your child to choose and glue to the white, unlined part of the paper. Please help to record your child’s story for her or if able, she can write her own. Looking forward to hearing your child’s ideas.

About the Early Childhood Room 1 Directress:

00094Kim Koch - Lead Directress

I began my career in the Montessori community as a parent selecting a Montessori pre-school for my children.  The more I learned from the sidelines the more drawn I became and it soon became clear to me that this profession "fit me like a glove."  My undergraduate background in psychology has been most beneficial since at the core of Montessori is one's understanding of child development as well as human behavior.

I have participated in the Montessori community at large in a variety of capacities including as a presenter, working with teacher-training programs, as well as guiding many future Montessorians as their Supervising Teacher.  Second to the joy I receive each time a child experiences her/his own "a-ha" moment in the classroom is being a part of fueling the excitement and energy new Montessorians bring as they learn and grow in a profession we mutually love.  This is especially what drew me to Magnolia.  I am so motivated by and committed to helping grow a new school whereby expanding the Montessori community, as well as providing high quality pre-school education in the Hunterdon County area.  

Within each child lies the person s/he is going to become.  It is the "essence" of the child; what we refer to in Montessori terms as the "spiritual embryo."  It's my goal each and every day to provide the environment within which each child can grow and blossom in order to realize his/her full potential; honoring his/her spiritual embryo.  It's a great privilege.

Classroom Overview:

Our Early Childhood classroom is an environment that fosters respect, compassion, and acceptance working in a cooperative fashion while striving for each child to reach his/her full potential as they journey to create the people they are intended to become. This is achieved by celebrating individual differences while embracing all that brings us together as a Montessori community.  Our vibrant and stimulating environment encourages children to learn by means of all their senses which supports a vast array of learning styles.  Children are presented with challenging, yet attainable goals, which propels them towards self-discovery in pursuit of developing their whole person.  Our program is individualized which enables children to progress at their own rates while also providing room for a child to explore further in any particular area of interest as far as s/he is able to grow. We find that children are often high achieving when all their developmental needs are supported by the environment within which they are surrounded.  The Directress is an integral part of this environment as the "dynamic link" between the children and the materials from which they gather the concepts to learn and grow. 

Contact the Early Childhood 1 Room:

Mrs. Koch is available via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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