Pumpkin Painting NIght
October 18th at 6 P.M.

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Currently Blooming:
Art Portfolios: went home on, Friday, October 11. We hope you have enjoyed going through the profiles with your Blossoms last week. The children showed great pride when walking into the classroom to return their portfolios. We thank you for supporting our Artists in Bloom.
Music: Ms. Kathy was another lyrical Tuesday with “We Are On Our Way To The Halloween Farm,” Get On Board,” “Little Red Caboose” and “Leaves Are Falling”.
Picture Day: our Blossoms all looked very smart in their picture-ready outfits! They approached their photo sessions like the professional toddlers they are…with great caution. We needed to do a retake of our class picture (the adults were captured with singing mouths), and in typical Magnolia Blossoms style, we took the show outside. We remained outside and had our “Gathering Time” with our hit song “Jump Up And Wave”. Then we read “My Big Farm”.
Fire Prevention: I asked for a story and we got a fire truck!! October is fire prevention month and so to kick off our studies, I asked Scott Barton (Margaret (and Ashley’s) father) to come to our Blossoms room and read to us about firefighters. To my initial chagrin he said, “No, I am retired and don’t have any gear.” Then he said
“BUT, I could arrange to have Andrew Hill (Peyton’s father) and his dad stop by with a fire truck!!!!!! On Friday, the entire Magnolia Montessori School enjoyed the visit from The Whitehouse Fire Company, No., 1. A few of our Blossoms braved a close encounter, while others were more comfortable behind the gate. Thank you, Scott Barton, Andrew Hill, Grandpa Hill, their fellow firefighters and Hosey, the Dalmatian mascot. This week, Anthony Serafyn will be taking home our Literature Bag - “Flashing Fire Engines.” Serafyn family, we are eager to see your Lit. Bag activity photos.
Literature: “ Up, Up, Up! It’s Apple Picking Time” by Jody Fickes Shapiro, “Pete The Cat Firefighter”, James Dean, “ Giraffes Can’t Dance” by Giles Andreae, “My Big Farm Book”, Scholastic, “Splat the Cat and the Pumpkin-Picking Plan” by Rob Scotton, “Giggle Giggle Quack” by Doreen Cronin and we revisited “The Wheels On The Tuk Tuk”, by Kabir Sehgal.

The New Materials:
Math - the exploration of the Geometry box was approached with great interest; Stringing Number Trains, remains a challenge.
Practical Life - Dry Pouring and Spooning Transfer drew a crowd. These materials remain engaging for all.
Language - Matching Picture-To-Picture of Indian culture piqued interest. We began building our very own “Peace Rose” (https:// www.montessorinature.com/peace-corner-montessori-conflict-resolution/) basket with images of Grandi. Please ask your Blossom about Gandhi. Today I told a rambunctious Blossom to be peaceful. “Like Gandhi?’, he asked……. I said, “Yes, like Gandhi”.
TNT, Taste/Try something New Thursday: SHOCKER, our Magnolia Blossoms like Turmeric…in the RAW!
FSF, Food Science Friday: Again our Blossoms loved the essential Indian spice - Turmeric. Here is the very simple recipe for Turmeric Mango Banana Smoothie to create at home:
16 oz of Pea Protein Milk
1 1/2 c. Frozen mangos
4 ripe bananas
Fresh turmeric root (pinky nail sized) - washed or 1/2 tsp of ground turmeric
Add all the above ingredients, blend well and enjoy together (You can reduce the size of this recipe to fit your family. This recipe was created for 12 toddlers with expectations of requests for seconds. Thanks Miss Sue for the use of your blender).

What’s Budding…
The Collapse Of Parenting - Leonard Sax, M.D., Ph.D. is required reading assigned for all Magnolia Montessori staff by our Head of School, Jennifer. We spoke about it at our Back-to-School Night and now that I have finished it, it is available to be borrowed from our Parents Resource Shelf in the Magnolia Blossoms room. This book is a no-nonsense guide to parenting and with examples for guiding your child (https://youtu.be/Ljuw3grZ11Q Please watch this video and look for the connection to the book). Thank you, Jennifer. It was a great read and an amazing Professional Development tool.
Wipes: We are in desperate need of wipes. If you haven’t already done so, please send in a BOX of sensitive skin/unscented wipes (approximately $20.00 at Costco and BJs). So far, only four families out of ten contributed a box of wipes. We use the wipes for all of our Blossoms’ faces, hands and diaper areas. Help, please.
Toilet Learning: we are following the children’s leads. Quite a few of our Blossoms are showing great interest in toilet learning. They are flushing waste down the toilet, sitting on the toilet and sometimes having success. Please refer to the article on Toilet Learning that was enclosed in your Back-to-School Night package for help at home. Please remember to dress for success (please see your Magnolia Blossoms Welcome packet for suggestions).
Clothing: Please find in your child’s bag a ziplock bag of summer clothes. Now that we are fully into Fall and its unpredictable weather, please send in warmer clothing. Also please send your child to school with a light jacket or dress in layers.
Return Art Portfolios: Please return the empty art portfolio so your budding artist can share his or her creations with you again.
Introduction of new materials: we will continue to expand on the materials we added last week.
Art: We will be creating our masterpiece using the leaves, twigs, and acorns we collected in the field. We will be painting with Turmeric.
Grace and Courtesy: Our Blossoms are EXCEPTIONAL with exercising Grace and Courtesy at our Tastings and Food Science. We will be developing our Grace and Courtesy to use when speaking to teachers and classmates. We will be embracing Grace and Courtesy when being redirected. We will be practicing Grace and Courtesy when waiting for our turns. We will also call upon our Grace and Courtesy for calm and quiet tones when at school.
Sensory Tray: We will continue with varieties of gourds and squashes and we will be adding the hammering of pegs into a pumpkin.
Culture, Our Spicy Journey to India: We will have nuttin' to complain about with Nutmeg.
CO-OP GROUP SNACKS. Thank you for your support. This is a very, very gentle reminder to please sign up. We have 10 families and ten slots available every two weeks. Also kindly remember to bring in your generous snack contributions.
TNT: will be changed for next Thursday. We have gifted an Osage Orange by Margaret’s “Gammie.” Thank you Gammie, we are looking forward to experiencing this unique fruit.

Thank you for the privilege of caring for your child,
-Mrs. Blake, Miss Julie, Miss Casey, and Ms. Bella

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IMG 5154Michelle Blake - Lead Directress

Michelle joined Magnolia in 2016 as a Toddler Teacher.  Foremost, she has great love, compassion, patience, and respect for all children.  Michelle and her husband  have three creative children, who are proud Montessori alumni.  She is a certified Montessori Infant/Toddler Directress by the American Montessori Society.  Michelle holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Certificates in Education in Early Childhood, CPR certified and has a collected a wealth of experiences through professional careers in the corporate world and teaching.  She is delighted to be entering my fourth year as a Lead Toddler Directress of the Magnolia Blossoms classroom.

Classroom Overview:

Blossoms classroom is a traditional Montessori mixed-age classroom environment, with student ages ranging from 18 months to 36 + months old. This mixed age environment provides structures that meet your child’s developmental needs at her/his unique stage of development. Each day, your child will learn in a child-centered, fun, curious, warm, safe, enriching and creative environment that nurtures the whole child. We are an experiential classroom, and your child will learn through direct and “hands on” experiences as your child interacts with the customized Magnolia Montessori Blossoms materials. Each element of the Blossoms classroom is prepared thoughtfully to meet the developing needs of your independent learners and the elements will grow with her/him.

This 18-36 + month age range is one in which your child will, at their own pace, learn voraciously, and perhaps more than any other single period in her life. We will diligently and creatively feed that appetite with concepts of art, music, mindfulness, yoga, food science, history, mathematics, language, botany, zoology, culture, nutrition and physical education. All of that learning, especially at this age when their minds are so open and fertile, will prepare them for learning traditional subjects like math and science. Your child will discover new friends, enjoy classroom pet fish and birds and gain independence and endless learning explorations. We look forward to learning from your child as well.

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