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IMG 5154Michelle Blake - Lead Directress

Michelle Blake aka Mrs. Blake has been with Magnolia since inception in 2016 as a Toddler Teacher.  Foremost, she has great love, compassion, patience, and respect for all children.   She is a certified Montessori Infant/Toddler Directress by the American Montessori Society and she trains the assistant Directresses at Magnolia.  Michelle holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Certificates in Education in Early Childhood, and CPR certification.  In addition, she brings has a wealth of experiences collected in professional careers in the corporate world and teaching.  An American Montessori Society 2020 - 2021 Emerging Leader Fellow, she is delighted to be entering her fifth year as the Lead Toddler Directress of the Magnolia Blossoms classroom.

Classroom Overview
Blossoms classroom is a traditional Montessori mixed-age classroom environment, with student ages ranging from 18 months to 36 + months old. This mixed-age environment provides structures that meet your child’s developmental needs at her/his unique stage of development. Each day, your child will learn in a child-centered, fun, curious, warm, safe, enriching, and creative environment that nurtures the whole child. We are an experiential classroom, and your child will learn through direct and “hands-on” experiences as your child interacts with the customized Magnolia Montessori Blossoms materials. Each element of the Blossoms classroom is prepared thoughtfully to meet the developing needs of your independent learners and the elements will grow with her/him. 

This 18-36 + month age range is one in which your child will, at their own pace, learn voraciously, and perhaps more than any other single period in her life. We will diligently and creatively feed that appetite with concepts of art, music, mindfulness, yoga, food science, history, mathematics, language, botany, zoology, culture, nutrition, and physical education. All of that learning, especially at this age when their minds are so open and fertile, will prepare them for learning traditional subjects like math and science. Your child will discover new friends, enjoy classroom pet fish, and gain independence and endless learning explorations. "Please consider the Magnolia Blossoms environment a home away from home where your child will be honored and respected. We look forward to learning from your child as well." -Mrs. Blake