About Magnolia Montessori

Parent Testimonials

"My children have been attending Magnolia since they opened in August of 2016. Throughout the years I have watched my children flourish at Magnolia Montessori. The teachers have been professional, nurturing and truly dedicated to my children’s development. Last year, After spending two years at Magnolia my son entered Public school, and I couldn’t be more impressed with how well prepared he was due to this school’s educational philosophy. Magnolia is not a child care center but an educational experience that builds confident, independent, and respectful children. Not only was he reading at a grade above, the life principles he learned engrained respect and kindness for others as he entered into a new environment.
It’s with great sadness that we will say goodbye to the incredible Magnolia family, as my daughter is now entering public school. We couldn’t be more confident in her readiness for her next educational journey. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Magnolia Montessori for everything you have done for my children over the years." Early Childhood Parent

“Magnolia has quelled any concern that comes with leaving a child at day care. My wife and I are confident that our daughter is having all her needs met, be physically, emotionally, and in working towards development. Top to bottom there is a great deal of attentiveness and care. We couldn’t be happier! Thank you Magnolia!”
Raymond Vazquez - Infant Parent

"Our child has been at Magnolia for over a year and I never stop being amazed at how much everyone here cares about my child.  They teach all of us how to become better people and they have helped me to be a better mother.  Every day I know that my kiddo is loved and care for and she is learning so much.  It is a beautiful community of people and I feel so lucky to have found Magnolia."
Victoria Cox – Early Childhood Parent

"We feel so fortunate to have found Magnolia Montessori School. For almost 2 years, our son has been in a nurturing and supportive environment, filled with enriching opportunities to instill the love of learning and establish a solid academic foundation. On a daily basis, we witness examples of his growth and development academically, socially and emotionally. He is inquisitive, articulate, thoughtful and kind. We are grateful for the Magnolia staff who are clearly educators practicing from the heart." Jessica V.G. - Early Childhood Parent

“Magnolia Montessori School is beyond what we could have ever imagined. We are pleased with the progress both of our boys have made. The staff look happy, children are smiling, and that makes the parents relieved. Keep up the good work!”-Tara Kolbe – Toddler and Early Childhood parent “Excellent experience thus far – caring and pleasant staff and administration. We appreciate the flexibility regarding our child’s schedule especially since Mommy’s work schedule is always changing. Thank you again.” Maris Manguiat - Toddler Parent

"My husband and I enrolled our daughter at Magnolia Montessori School when she was 17 months old. Being an early childhood educator, I was definitely picky about what I was looking for in a care provider for my daughter. I visited seven home daycares and facilities and chose Magnolia Montessori School because I walked away with the “this is it” type of feeling after sitting with Jennifer, the director, and touring the school. Jennifer discussed numerous questions I had about the school and the Montessori philosophy and left me with little to wonder about or question. My daughter continues to flourish through her experiences at Magnolia Montessori School and I feel the staff treat each child as one of their own rather than a number. My daughter has fond feelings about her first teacher, current teacher, and classroom aides. She comes home excited to tell us about her day at school. There is not a day that goes by where I am not appreciative of the wonderful care they provide my daughter and how compassionate and flexible Jennifer is with helping us during times of transition. It’s not easy leaving my daughter in the hands of others, but I know that she is among nurturing care providers that offer her a safe, educational and joyful experience. Thank you Magnolia Montessori School staff for helping raise my daughter!"
Jacqueline F – Toddler Parent