About Magnolia Montessori

Parent Testimonials

While Mercer was still in school with you in person, he was thriving. It was clear how much energy and thought went into the curriculum and in engaging the students. He was always excited to come home and show us the amazing lessons he learned (personally, I was most impressed with the running stitch and sewing buttons). He also loves to share all of the new facts about India he learned! With the transition to virtual learning, it is even more clear how invested you both are in the students’ well-being and education. You have adapted quickly to unprecedented circumstances, and it is difficult to find the words to express just how grateful we are for you. Mercer looks forward to seeing your and his friends faces every morning on the circle time Zoom calls, and is always thinking about what fun activities or treasures he can share with you. Thank you for providing some stability in such an unstable time. - Early Childhood Room 2

Thank you to all the teachers and staff at Magnolia Montessori!  Their support and consistency both in the building and in our home has, and continues to build strong, independent and happy girls. Your caring nature is appreciated, especially in these uncertain times! - Blossom and Early Childhood Room

Tough to put into words the appreciation we have.  It's amazing to see what Reina has learned from the Nido/ Fledgling teachers.  The baby signs such as more, and hand motions from songs are fantastic.  The level of identification of animals and their sounds is fantastic.  We know everyone has her best interests in mind there and we feel so comfortable sending her so that we can work and take care of things we need to.  We can't wait to get Reina back so she can continue to grow and we know she misses all her friends. - Nido and Fledgling's Room

In these uncertain times, one thing has remained certain - the commitment of Mrs. Koch, Ms Allie and Mrs Laure.  Their steadfast devotion to teaching the children in these trying times is amazing.  We have been trying to fill in for their shoes but they are very big shoes to fill!  I find myself navigating the world of homeschooling and asking: “what would they do?” In many a situation.  When I asked Tristan what we missed most about his school he said: “My teachers because they teach me a lot of new work” and “Mrs Koch’s curls”. To us, they are not just Tristan’s teachers, but nurturers of his creative mind and providers to his hunger to learn. We are thankful for them not just today, or this week, but every day that they grace our lives and the impact they have had on Tristan will remain for a lifetime. - Early Childhood Room 1

"Thank you to the teachers of the Willow Room.  Since James has moved into the classroom, he has blossomed.  He has become more independent, loves to read, is engaged in art and music, and LOVES to help around the house.  I am normally impressed with all that you do, but even more so in the past 8 weeks.  You have put so much time, effort, love, and attention into making Distance Learning fun, engaging, and something we look forward to every day.  I cannot tell you how often James does something and then states, "I show Sue and my friends."  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do and continue to do." - WIllow Room

Thank you for all the care and thought you put into each project, into the classroom environment and even more so, into each child. Thank you for being receptive to feedback and for giving us feedback to be better parents. - Early Childhood Room 2

We are so grateful for your loving nature and Montessori teaching expertise. Thank you for the meaningful connection you’ve made with our daughter, the community of love you’ve created within the class, and the lessons that will stay with her forever. - Early Childhood Room 1

Miss Krissy and Miss Suzette are absolute treasures! My child loves them like family and is excited to see them both each day.  They have always been there for us when we had questions and we are very grateful for their support. - Ivy Room