About Magnolia Montessori


Magnolia Montessori School was established in August of 2016 by Jennifer Iannaconi who has dedicated her career to giving children the opportunity to learn under the guidance of the Montessori philosophy. Having taught for several years in addition to leading other Montessori schools, Jennifer knew in her heart that in order to run a Montessori School the way she felt it should be run, she would have to open up one of her own. The name Magnolia comes from what the Magnolia tree symbolizes which is strength, loyalty and perseverance – all attributes we hope to instill in children thus the Magnolia Montessori School was born.  Having taken over a traditionally run preschool, inheriting 28 children, and converting the former program into a full-fledged Montessori program,  Magnolia now proudly houses over 75 children and almost 30 staff members who are all dedicated to following the lead of the child while role modeling important life values.


The Magnolia Montessori School provides a nurturing, enriching, and peace-creating environment, which embraces diversity and lays a foundation that encourages self-discovery, independence, a positive sense of self, and personal responsibility. Children, while embracing a profound respect for themselves, others, and the world in which they live, achieve academic excellence as they strive towards realizing their full potential.