About Magnolia Montessori

Welcome to the Early Childhood Room 1 Faculty

 00094 Kim Koch - Co Lead Directress

Kim joined Magnolia in 2016. She began her career in the Montessori community as a parent selecting a Montessori pre-school for my children.  The more she learned from the sidelines the more drawn she became and it soon became clear to her that this profession "fit me like a glove."  Kim's undergraduate background in psychology has been most beneficial since at the core of Montessori is one's understanding of child development as well as human behavior.

Kim has participated in the Montessori community at large in a variety of capacities including as a presenter, working with teacher-training programs, as well as guiding many future Montessorians as their Supervising Teacher.  Second to the joy she receives each time a child experiences his own "a-ha" moment in the classroom is being a part of fueling the excitement and energy new Montessorians bring as they learn and grow in a profession we mutually love.  This is especially what drew her to Magnolia.  Kim is so motivated by and committed to helping grow a new school whereby expanding the Montessori community, as well as providing high quality pre-school education in the Hunterdon County area. 

Having completed her AMS Infant/Toddler certification in 2019, together with her Early Childhood credential and 25+ years’ experience, prepared her for the next leg of my journey entering into a part-time Administrative role.  Her responsibilities will include Coordinator in the areas of Curriculum, Transition; when children transition from one developmental level to another, and Inclusion; preparations to support children with learning differences as well as special needs.

Within each child lies the person she is going to become.  It is the "essence" of the child; what we refer to in Montessori terms as the "spiritual embryo."  It's her goal each and every day to provide the environment within which each child can grow and blossom in order to realize her full potential; honoring her spiritual embryo.  It's a great privilege.         

IMG 2294 Allie Brody - Co Lead Directress

Allie Brody joined Magnolia in the summer of 2019. She loves working with the Magnolia family and feels very fortunate to be working as an Assistant Directress in the Early Childhood Room, where she has the opportunity to further her knowledge of Montessori principles and work with the amazing children here every day.

Allie has many years of experience as a childcare professional and more recently as an environmental educator teaching a seed-to-plate gardening program. She is drawn to any educational model that emphasizes self-led and hands-on activities, and here at Magnolia she can see these principles applied consistently throughout the course of a day. Allie is endlessly amazed by how inquisitive and independent children are when able to learn and grow within the freedom of the prepared environment. 

Here, such simple tasks as pouring their own water, drinking from open cups, and helping to clean up their own spills, teach children from the youngest age that they are capable and also accountable for their actions. Allie looks forward to continuing to learn about early childhood development within the Montessori framework, and applying this knowledge to providing the best possible learning and playing experience for your child.