About Magnolia Montessori

Welcome to the Willow Room Faculty

Stacy Finnigan - Lead Directress 

Stacy joined Magnolia in 2020 as the Lead Directress in the Willow Room. Her fascination with the Montessori method began when she realized that every aspect of the environment is intrinsically and deeply respectful of the child as an individual. In her time as a toddler assistant and as a lead, this sincere respect offered to the children continues to be the most effective and rewarding means of educating the whole being of each child. Incorporating the knowledge she gained while completing her Counseling and Clinical Research degree, has enhanced her ability to make each interaction respectful, solution-focused, and meaningful. 

The Montessorian phrase that most concisely captures the culture of the toddler classroom, in her view, is “freedom within limits.” When toddlers have the freedom of respectful relationships they are capable of accomplishing wondrous things. Classmates become family members, spontaneously offering help, comfort, and celebration. The typical angst of this developmental stage fades in a context where the child feels they have authentic agency and the love and trust of the adults. It is this love, trust, and respect which opens the mind and body to curiosity, courage, and control of self, which are in turn the basic aims of our classroom.